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We are a team of passionate and tech-savvy engineers. Join us and work under innovative projects dedicated to our clients around the world. Let’s see if we are looking for you.

Remote-first company

We offer the option to work in an office or remotely for the vast majority of roles.

We’ve noticed lots of benefits of working remotely:

  • Freedom and flexibility in your daily life
  • A trusting relationship with the managers
  • Increased productivity
  • A more creative mindset
  • A chance to set yourself apart as lead on your team

We use the same process to hire remote workers and on-site workers.

iot example
iot example

Choose your team

  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Mobile
  • Firmware
  • HR/Business
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

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Recruitment process

We value your time and try to complete the whole recruitment process within 2 weeks. After each stage, we share immediate feedback about your performance.

1. CV Review

Our technical recruiter is reviewing your CV and assesses your skills and experience by doing a short phone screen which takes up to 30 minutes.

2. Technical and language assessment

We ask you to solve the home task or in some cases to send over the repo to be checked by our developers and do a 15 minutes online test in English

3. Interview

We meet together in our office and talk about your experience and check the maturity to run a project dedicated to a specific client.

4. Offer sent

After passing the interview stage, you get the job offer letter including all conditions and benefits we want to offer you. As you accept it, we go to formalities.

5. Contract and onboarding

As you accept our offer, we send you a draft of the contract for review. Once your contract has been negotiated and the start date draws nearly, you will receive an invitation to your onboarding day.

Why work at SolveQ?

We value passionate people who are committed to their job. Responsibility, proactive approach and the ability to find the best possible solutions - that’s what we value highly in our team. We believe that constant self-development and exchange of knowledge and experiences allow our team to stay ahead and deliver the best solutions to our clients. We love sharing our passions with each other and spending time together after work.

What do our employees say about us?

SolveQ is a socially responsible company that takes seriously the problems of today’s world. We segregate waste, reduce energy and water using. The atmosphere inside is very loose without corporate style. Moreover, we create solutions using a large number of users.

High culture of working with clients allows me as a programmer to enjoy every line of code. Here you create a harmonious team, your contribution to the development does not disappear. A great advantage of the company is the concern for the environment and human rights.

Freedom to make choices, being responsible for my work done, support from colleagues, cozy atmosphere. These are the factors I pay attention to the most.

What we offer

  • Remote working- you choose if you want to work from the office or remotely
  • Paid holiday and sick leave/B2B - in case of B2B we offer 20 days off per year and 5 days for a sick leave paid
  • Training budget - we provide 1500 PLN/net per person per year to use on conferences and workshop tickets or courses
  • Flexible working hours - you can choose when you can start and end your work
  • Internal workshops - we organize internal sessions where you can share your knowledge, experience and skills or listen to others
  • Multisport Card - we cover 50% of the Multisport Card
  • Regular feedback - we meet regularly to hear your opinion about how you feel working with us and get the information from the team about your work
  • Vegan-friendly breakfasts - we love green and once a month we meet together to update each other about progress in projects and eat healthy and vegan breakfasts
  • Company retreats - we believe every retreat is unforgettable and integrates everybody that is why we meet and try new activities to play together
  • Development path- planning with HR your development path and supporting with gain new skills

Learning and development

  • Knowledge sharing session every month conducted by our developers internally
  • Lightning Talks - 7-10 minutes presentations about interesting topics
  • Opportunity to take part in conferences/ IT events/ meetups
  • English speaking environment
  • Space to develop your own ideas
  • Possibility to improve your knowledge about specific fields: technical, management, sales processes, HR, marketing, project management
  • Possibility to work under innovative and advanced projects using the newest technologies stack and tools