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Why choose SolveQ?

Code quality

Q in SolveQ stands for Quality. Our code is clean and refactored to adhere to global standards, making it simple and straightforward for any experienced developer to work on!

Security and IP Rights

We assign the copyright of the source code to you, ensuring that it is rightfully yours.

Additionally, we prioritize the protection of your intellectual property to safeguard your data and ideas.

Battle-tested process

SolveQ follows Agile and Lean principles, using Scrum for software development to ensure effective communication and collaboration with clients. This approach has proven critical to the success of outsourced projects and facilitates integration among team members.

Experience developers

Take advantage of our cutting-edge technical skills, top-notch coding practices, and experience in making architectural decisions for app development.

Partnership and open communication

We value partnerships and strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our ability to adapt and evolve alongside our clients sets us apart, and many of our partnerships last for years. We recognize that change is essential for progress and embrace it enthusiastically.

Ownership and business mindset

SolveQ adopts a business mindset in every aspect of product development. Our developers prioritize the product over code, designers consider the users, not just aesthetics, and QA engineers focus on return on investment, not just errors. A business perspective drives every product decision we make.

At SolveQ We Are a Cross-Platform Development, Experts

Tell us what you want, we will adjust to your needs

End-to-end development

Our full-cycle engineering and development services can turn your vision into a reality, from idea to deployment. With in-house design, engineering, and deployment expertise, we provide optimized solutions and can work as standalone teams or augment existing development teams.

Team Extension

Our IT staff augmentation services provide experienced software engineers who can support your in-house team on an hourly or part-time basis, helping with development and IT projects as needed. This approach saves you time and avoids the need for lengthy recruiting and hiring processes, especially for high-demand roles that are needed only on a limited basis.

Workshops & Consultancy

Our workshops provide deep insight into user needs and business goals, while our IT consulting services enhance performance, scalability, and competitiveness. At SolveQ, we excel at guiding clients through IT and digital transformation from strategy to implementation.

Our Work

See how we helped our clients achieve their goals.

At Solveq, we are more than just a global software development home. We are passionate about delivering top-quality services that exceed our clients' expectations. With an outstanding portfolio of success stories from clients worldwide, we take immense pride in our work and the positive impact we create.

Even Reitan

Even Reitan

Stretegy Manager

SolveQ showed willingness, ability, and commitment to solve new and challenging needs continuously.

Business sector-specific services

With our extensive domain knowledge and deep understanding of clients' needs, we are equipped to create the specific requirements of various industries ensuring tailored solutions that drive success and growth.

Our process


First meeting

Tell us about your technological needs and describe your project idea.


Discovery workshop

Our experts will conduct an in-depth workshop to understand your vision. The result will be a project scope tailored for your real needs.


Kick off

Once the contract is signed, we can start working on your project! You will get to know the development team and see that your idea is in good hands.


Development and maintenance

Using agile practices, we will deliver product elements piece by piece until the final product is delivered. We can also provide maintenance of your services!

Latest Blog Posts

Unlock the insider knowledge and expert insights on current businesses and IT trends.

Latest Blog Posts

Unlock the insider knowledge and expert insights on current businesses and IT trends.

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