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Join Us in Building a Better Tomorrow

We believe that every company has a role to play in creating a more sustainable and equitable future. We invite you to learn more about our specific ESG initiatives and explore how we can collaborate to make a positive impact together.

SolveQ mission

We strive to create a better future for all of us. Besides crafting modern software we focus on fostering a sustainable and conscious environment with a place for everyone.

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Founder and CEO of SolveQ

Coding for a Sustainable World

Environmental Responsibility

We're dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. This includes implementing energy-efficient practices in our workflow, reducing waste, and exploring partnerships with eco-conscious organizations.

Social Impact

We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. We strive to build a friendly and supportive workplace for people to grow.

Strong Governance

We operate with transparency and integrity. Our strong governance practices ensure ethical decision-making and compliance with all regulations.

Our Values


We keep our word and fulfil our promises, delivering our projects on time. The trust we share within the team translates into collaboration with clients. Micromanagement is foreign to us, and our daily interaction thrives on mutual support and recognition.


We are experts in our field and we are always eager to expand our competencies. Bi-weekly Knowledge Sharing hold immense importance to us during which we share our knowledge within the teams. We stay up-to-date with trends and cutting-edge technologies and processes, which we successfully implement in our clients' projects.


We understand business, and thanks to our experience, we assist clients in achieving their goals. our business analysis and close collaboration enable us to deliver technologies that provide clients a competitive edge.


Every voice matters to us! We can bring value to the project we co-create with our clients through genuine diversity.


Responsibility means taking care of the environment and People's Health. That's why we are pro-eco, both in the office and outside of work. We disagree with the project's harmful impact on nature or human life and health

Why ESG Matters?

At SolveQ, we believe technology should be a force for good. That's why ESG is at the core of our mission. Here's how our commitment makes a difference:

Our Commitment to ESG

Environmental Responsibility

We're dedicated to a greener future. We follow eco-friendly practices, utilize solar energy in our offices, reward sustainable habits like recycling, and encourage public transportation use among employees.

Social Impact

Building a better world is at the core of who we are. We foster a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect, reflecting our company mission and values. We prioritize transparency to build trust and actively support social initiatives like local youth sports events.


We believe in responsible leadership. Our diverse board fosters well-rounded decision-making. We ensure transparency through regular ESG disclosures and commitment to data privacy. Strong ethics and compliance are prioritized, guided by our Business Ethics Code and dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We maintain a clear structure with defined accountability.

Software House After Hours

Listen to a special episode on the topic of Environmental, Social, and Governance practices and requirements.

Dr. Robert Nowak Head of People at SolveQ


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