What is PHP used for?

If you want to know what is PHP language, what kind of possibilities it brings and what are its pros and cons, let read the interview below that was conducted with our PHP Developer- Paweł.

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Why it is worth to choose React Native to create business app?

When it comes to business app development, there are two main factors, time and money. React Native app development services have successfully addressed these factors and it seems that it will not change in the future. React Native is highly popular among developers and entrepreneurs alike. What is the reason of its growing popularity? Here you can find some reasons why it is worth to choose React Native to make your business application.

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It’s high time to digitize your business!

Last days proved that we live in uncertain times when even something invisible can have much more impact on our lives than something other we could imagine. We are not sure about the future but we know one- it’s high time to digitize your business- right now. Many organizations recognize the operational efficiency and productivity gains of better digitized processes in their business. But, even in the age of internet- based applications and smartphones, many of them are not finding it easy and simple to accomplish that integration.

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How to work from home? Useful tips to involve in.

Due to coronavirus outbreak we’ve implemented home office working policy internally and everybody needs to organize its whole day schedule to make things done combining with caring about kids running around you and other stuff.

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How to prevent panic mode of spreading #coronavirus?

The prevailing virus is confusing and increasing the fear of more and more people. We get lost in analyzes, we can’t keep up with messages, instead of bread we are only looking for disinfection instructions and where you won’t look at coronavirus. It’s difficult to escape from this topic, as well as in the office, and especially those who are struggling with anxiety disorders or are more susceptible to what is happening in public space.

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Poland- the hub of talented programmers

It is not surprised that Polish developers are one of the best in the world and it is proved by many surveys and results of reports. As an example, according to HackerRank, for last few years we have been constantly standing on first five. Nearly 80% of Polish developers are spread across 7 tech centers in Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan, Gdansk and Lodz with at least 10 thousand developers in each city.

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