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Empowering the Future of Logistics with Innovation

At SolveQ, we envision a world where logistics and transportation are seamlessly integrated, efficient, and technology-driven. Our expertise in software development, IoT, and digital solutions propels businesses into the future, ensuring every journey and delivery is smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Innovate, Optimize, Transform

Revolutionizing Logistics with Cutting-Edge Technology

In an industry where precision and efficiency are paramount, SolveQ stands at the forefront of innovation. Our tailored logistics solutions harness the power of digitalisation, IoT, and software intelligence. We provide dynamic fleet tracking, route optimization, and digital document management, redefining how goods move across the globe. Our commitment isn't just about delivering software; it's about delivering change, reducing environmental impact, and driving economic growth. Join us in our mission to transform logistics, making it smarter, more connected, and relentlessly progressive.

Why choose SolveQ for Logistics and Transportation?

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We build and ship, you enjoy!

Our services

Enabling logistics 4.0

We help you create new transportation and logistics systems that use a fully networked supply chain for cooperation between your logistic teams, supply chain managers, shippers and others. With dedicated, custom-built software for the logistics industry, you gain a possibility to optimize your business.

Fleet Tracking & visibility

Logistic 4.0 enables businesses to track all the routes of supply chain to perform logistic tasks in an optimally improved way. Our software provides live data from anywhere on the planet that helps your company to control everything more efficiently with less effort. With such solutions as automated planning & live fleet management you can manage your business in most critical aspects all the time.

Optimizing costs & planning routes

Optimal fleet route planning that will save both time and resources is a must have for modern logistics companies. By being in control and able to see all the paths of transportation it is easier to plan the supply chain in a way to minimize your cost. It also helps you to eliminate unnecessary moves that might cost your business money and time and probably some stress.

Digitizing documents

Go paperless & improve speed and quality of documentation. With your files digitized the administration of your transport no longer has to be an exhausting process. This way of managing your files would eliminate many errors and minimize time spent manually looking through the paper.

Our Process


Consultation & Analysis

We start by understanding your unique logistics needs. Our team analyzes your current operations to pinpoint areas for improvement and digital integration.


Custom Solution Design

Based on our analysis, we design custom software solutions that align with your goals. Whether it's route optimization, fleet management, or digitizing paperwork, our focus is on creating a solution that fits your business perfectly.


Development & Implementation

We bring the designed solutions to life, ensuring they integrate smoothly with your existing systems. Our development process is collaborative and transparent, keeping you informed at every step.


Ongoing Support & Optimization

Post-implementation, we're here to support you. We continuously monitor and optimize the solutions to adapt to your evolving business needs and the changing technological landscape.

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