Tired of spreadsheets and guesswork?

Did you know 30% of your workforce potential could be untapped? Stop losing time on manual processes and missing out on opportunities. FTE Matrix leverages AI to give you full visibility into your team's utilization, skills, and project profitability.


Comprehensive Solutions for Your Company

Our range of services is designed to streamline your ESG reporting, ensuring compliance and efficiency at every step.

Intelligent Workload Planning

Optimize your workforce's capacity for maximum efficiency.

Skillset Centralization

Easily find the right person for every project.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into project costs, ROI, and more.

ESG Compliance

Ensure your workforce practices align with environmental, social, and governance standards.

Employee Well-being:

Promote work-life balance and boost employee satisfaction.

Get the Most Out of Your Team, Every Time

Increased project profitability

Improved resource allocation

Data-backed decision-making


easyESG: Your ESG Compliance Solution


Calculating & reducing carbon emissions

Optimazing workload distribution and reducing waste

Being more efficient is helping limit pollution


Help to fight exclusion in managing the workforce

With better FTE management it’s easier to address health & safety concerns

It will improve supply chain management


Enhancement of decision-making capabilities

Bigger accountability of the management staff

Any risk related to staff management will be mitigated

Transform your workforce management. Start your easyFTE journey today