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SolveQ at CITT logistics conference in Vancouver

4 Dec 20183 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

SolveQ at CITT logistics conference in Vancouver

In this blog post I’d like to share some thoughts and findings after attending, for the first time, CITT logistics conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Logistics is one of our biggest strength at SolveQ as a company, which builds custom software and also as we are strategically expanding into Canada and the US. So we decided, together with Monika Kupczak Ainslie, Director of Strategy and Growth, visit this event. CITT logistics conference is one of the biggest of that kind in Canada and promote SolveQ, find new possibilities for projects, understand how the business in general runs in Canada and also meet new people.

And what I have to admin is that the last goal became one of the most valuable and wonderful – people.

I must admit that when I decided to fly over to Canada, I was expecting some business people, with ties, serious faces and big deals to be done.

I was absolutely surprised but also delighted that it was completely opposite.

Even before the flight, we already had a great talks with Jennifer regarding the event and our booth preparations.

What also surprised me was that everyone was so much excited that I flew all the way from Gdańsk to meet them personally there in Vancouver. It is about 10 000 km and 15 hours away from my home.

They knew it also from our email we sent the day before, inviting everyone to meet us but also to take part in the draw. There they could win some polish sweets and vodka☺

But my personal winner in terms of serenity, kindness, helpfulness is Perry Lo. Once we met on the first day. I’m pretty sure he put a goal for himself to introduce us to as many CITT fellows as possible.☺ Thanks to him we met about 50-70 people in person. He also has great sales skills. He was describing our company to everyone like he would have worked with us for ages. Additionally, he was always around us, asking if all goes fine, if we would need any help, etc.

And of course, while talking to our new friends, we talked about the business they do in general, their business problems, how we at SolveQ could be able to help by providing them with one of the best crafted software, which meets their needs and fulfils their processes, not the opposite.

And we will do some projects there, we will make their life’s simpler and less cumbersome.

But what is most important, we will be friends from now and I will always be advocating for Canadian generosity, friendship and kindnesses.

See you next time in Canada.

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Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Founder and CEO of SolveQ. Huge fan of building things with purpose, agility, and having fun while changing the World. Loves his family, teammates, and nature.