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Top Reasons to Choose Poland for Your Software Development Outsourcing Needs

13 Jul 202313 min read

Eryk Libelt

Eryk Libelt

Top Reasons to Choose Poland for Your Software Development Outsourcing Needs

In today's interconnected world, Poland has quickly become a prime destination for software development outsourcing, boasting an impressive tech landscape fostered by a robust economy and supportive government policies. Its vibrant startup culture and world-class talent pool have garnered global recognition, catapulting the country to the forefront of the tech world. Couple this with a solid affinity for Western business practices and a deep-seated dedication to innovative thinking, and you get a compelling case for outsourcing software development to Poland. But how exactly does Poland outshine other outsourcing options? Read on as we unpack the key reasons why outsourcing to Poland could be the game-changing decision your business needs.

Outsourcing as an answer to the recession

A recent study from Computer Economics Inc. highlights an increasing trend toward IT outsourcing, driven by economic challenges and the need for cost optimization. The data reveals substantial growth in the median outsourcing expenses as a percentage of total IT spending, climbing from 3.8% in 2008 to 7.1% in 2010. This rise has been attributed to a concurrent decrease in total IT spending, emphasizing that companies are outsourcing more IT functions now than ever before.

Despite economic downturns, several factors have influenced this trend, such as a growing reliance on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing. Contrary to some IT vendors, who suffered during the recession, many organizations have increased their engagement with outsourcing services as they downsized their internal teams.

Key findings include:

  • Widespread use of SaaS and hosted applications, with application hosting as the top outsourced IT function.
  • Despite being frequently outsourced, SaaS is outpaced by web and e-commerce systems in terms of both popularity and usage levels.
  • Outsourcing areas with the most success in expanding existing accounts include SaaS/application hosting, data center operations, and application maintenance.
  • Desktop support outsourcing offers the most significant potential for cost reduction, with 44% of organizations reporting lower costs.
  • IT security outsourcing holds the most promise for improving service levels, as reported by half of the organizations.

How is the IT industry in Poland?

The technology industry in Poland encompasses the sale of computer equipment, software development services, and distribution of digital products. It is projected that the total revenue from this sector will grow by 45% and reach $13 billion by the end of 2022. Within the Polish IT outsourcing services market, 700 business centers employ approximately 150,000 specialists. The software development and IT outsourcing sectors are expected to experience an annual growth rate of 7%. In comparison, the hardware and computer sectors are expected to grow at a rate of 3.2% per year.

The software development market in Poland consists of around 300,000 developers, and this number is anticipated to increase due to the addition of 15,000 graduates per year and 99,500 high school students attending development courses.

The rates for software development services in Poland vary from $11 to $65 per hour, including rates for freelancers. However, if you seek software developers from IT outsourcing companies in Poland, the hourly rates will range between $40 and $56. Among Polish software developers, the most popular programming languages are Java and SQL, followed by JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, C#, and Python.

Why outsource to Poland?

Outsourcing to Poland offers numerous advantages, from the quality of the talent pool to cost-effectiveness, cultural compatibility, and more. Let's break it down:

Quality of Talent Pool

Poland is home to a rich, well-educated talent pool. Its robust education system places a premium on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects. This focus translates into an abundance of highly skilled software developers capable of tackling complex problems and delivering top-notch software solutions. Polish developers are proficient across a spectrum of technologies and programming languages, making them adaptable and capable of handling diverse project requirements.


Poland offers an enticing mix of high-quality service and competitive pricing. With cost of living and wage levels lower than in many Western countries, Poland presents an opportunity for businesses to make significant savings on their IT budget. Moreover, these cost benefits are not at the expense of quality. Polish developers are known for their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, ensuring that cost savings do not compromise the standard of work delivered.

Cultural Compatibility

Cultural alignment is a key factor in the successful execution of outsourced projects. With a cultural ethos that resonates with Western values, Polish professionals understand and appreciate Western business practices, ethics, and communication styles. This cultural compatibility promotes seamless collaboration, reduces misunderstandings, and encourages a smooth project flow, culminating in a productive and enjoyable working relationship.

Legal Regulations

Poland's solid legal system provides a stable and transparent business environment for outsourcing. Adherence to European Union standards ensures compliance with laws, data protection, and intellectual property rights, while strict enforcement of contracts and agreements enhances trustworthiness and mitigates legal risks.

Time Zone Advantage

In the era of globalization, effective cross-border collaboration is paramount. Poland’s time zone overlaps significantly with other European countries and even allows for substantial overlap with US business hours. This facilitates real-time communication and swift responses, resulting in a more streamlined workflow. Furthermore, this overlap can accelerate project delivery timelines by effectively extending working hours.

Proximity to European Markets

Poland's geographical location offers significant advantages for European companies. Its central European location allows for short travel times, making face-to-face meetings and on-site visits more feasible. Moreover, Poland's integration into the European Union means Polish professionals are familiar with European business regulations, legal frameworks, and industry standards, reducing the learning curve and ensuring compliance.

Infrastructure and Technological Advancements

Poland has made significant strides in modernizing its infrastructure, fostering a robust technology ecosystem that supports a wide range of IT operations. Polish IT companies have cutting-edge facilities, sophisticated software tools, and powerful hardware resources, ensuring top-tier development and service delivery. Furthermore, the country has cultivated a thriving startup scene and fosters an innovative culture, regularly producing tech unicorns and leading in areas like cybersecurity, game development, and other tech innovations.

In summary, Poland offers a complete package for businesses considering software development outsourcing, blending high-quality technical talent, cost benefits, cultural alignment, and infrastructural strengths to provide an ideal outsourcing destination.

How to find the best software house in Poland for your project?

In a world increasingly driven by digital transformation, finding a competent and reliable software house is crucial. If you're looking towards Poland, known for its technical talent and competitive pricing, you're already on the right track. However, navigating the vast IT landscape can be challenging. Here are some effective strategies to help you find the best software house in Poland for your project:

1. Clutch Reviews

Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform is an excellent resource for businesses seeking to partner with a software house. Polish software companies often have a strong presence on Clutch, making it a great starting point. By browsing through client reviews, you can gain insights into the quality of services, project management skills, cost-effectiveness, and more. Make sure to look for detailed reviews, as they often provide in-depth information about a company's performance and reliability.

2. Referrals

Referrals can be an invaluable source of information when searching for a software house. Reach out to your network of business partners, colleagues, or other contacts in the industry to ask about their experiences with Polish software houses. These firsthand accounts often give a realistic perspective of what to expect and can help you identify companies that have delivered impressive results.

3. LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn can be a goldmine of information about potential software houses. You can gain insights into the company's history, team size, and the kind of projects they have handled. Additionally, by evaluating the qualifications and skills of the team members, you can gauge the company's technical prowess. LinkedIn also allows you to see if the company is growing, updating its skill set, and staying current with industry trends.

4. Website and Case Studies

A software house's website often reflects its professionalism and technical capabilities. Evaluate the quality of their website, the services they offer, and their technological expertise. Case studies and portfolio sections can give you a detailed view of their previous projects, showcasing their problem-solving abilities and approach to tackling challenges. Look for case studies similar to your project, as it may indicate the company's competency in that area.

5. Conferences

Attending tech conferences, meetups, and industry events can allow you to meet representatives from different software houses. This can give you a feel for the company's culture, people, and enthusiasm for technology. Many Polish software houses participate in international conferences, so look out for those based in Poland at events like Web Summit, CeBIT, or Mobile World Congress.

Finding the best software house in Poland for your project is not just about the technical capabilities; it's about finding a partner who understands your needs, shares your work ethic, and can contribute meaningfully. By combining the methods mentioned above, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of potential partners and make an informed decision. Remember, open communication and shared objectives are critical to a successful partnership. So, take your time, do your homework, and find the perfect software house in Poland for your project.

It projects outsourcing to Poland - Rates.

Given that Polsih developers do not differ from most other Eastern European countries and their work is highly ethical and sufficient, the real advantage that outsourcing to Poland holds is the price. As the cost shines through the overall market and the quality stands among the best, Poland is an excellent choice for most companies. To better illustrate the differences in prices, see the comparison.


As the global trend leans towards IT outsourcing, Poland emerges as an excellent choice, courtesy of its robust IT sector and skilled workforce. We've highlighted Poland's advantages, including its talent pool, cost-effectiveness, cultural compatibility, and progressive technology infrastructure. To navigate the selection process, consider Clutch reviews, referrals, LinkedIn profiles, websites with case studies, and industry conferences. With our Polish base and understanding of Western business practices, we offer top-tier solutions for your software development needs. Book a meeting with us today, and let's embark on a digital transformation journey together. Experience the difference of partnering with a leading software house in Poland.

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