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Fixing broken IT in the company – part 3/3

23 Sept 20194 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Fixing broken IT in the company – part 3/3

SolveQ to solve your problem with the highest quality

Our story.

Since we started SolveQ in January 2018, I have been frequently asked one particular question:

  • Marcin, would you be so nice and helped us fixing our IT?

I’m always keen to help, but for me usually this question meant that not only IT is broken, but most probably the whole organisation, at least in the Product Development area. But this is the topic for next blog series.

Here I would like to focus and emphasise on several examples of our pure IT engagements, which followed to stabilize situation at our client’s side and helped them to grow further.

Real examples

Below you find some examples of the projects where we, as SolveQ were asked to get in, look around and then fix some problems. And all of those ended up with a long-term cooperation due to our expertise, quality and speed.

  1. In April we were asked by company from Sweden, who builds a GPS tracking solution, to help them in pure backend software development. After two months of work with only one guy from our team, we provided them with much stable project set up, process of building and testing features but also proved that we could build very stable and expandable platform, which then would provide sustainability for their growing customer’s network. At the end, after some time, we took over the whole platform development from their previous team.
  2. Some time ago I was asked by one of my former Danish colleagues if we could help them to analyse several issues, they had in their fintech platform, especially in the front-end part. We assigned one person to do the analysis and fix them. After two weeks and full success, we were also asked to do the same in the backend. What happened yet again is that we took over the whole development from the previous team.

And many more, which we could discuss over the phone call.

All the above happened because we are already known as a company with one of the best from the best Polish engineers. And we are proving this each time we commit to help due to speed, quality and professional though friendly and open communication.

Why us?

SolveQ is an agile software house, providing software development services to its clients.

We are based in Gdansk, north part of Poland, which is one of the cleanest areas in our country.

The team consists of senior and very independent full stack engineers, who can help you to solve all kinds of problems and to build different platforms, applications and integrations.

Our technology stack varies depending on the particular project, but the strongest ones are: all kind of .js frameworks (like React, Node), TypeScript, PHP (including several different frameworks), mobile development using ReactNative, cloud solutions, mostly AWS and Google Cloud.

The type of cooperation and team provided depends on what is your need. We may help you providing work force (so-called BodyLeasing) of one of the best engineers in the World accordingly to the below report:

We may also build a dedicated team for the project or to support your internal IT department or if you don’t have, to provide IT to your organization.

Let’s get in touch.

We are very open to have an initial video or standard phone call.

If you would like to know more, let us know either by:

phone (+48 501959657),

e-mail (,

contact form on the website.

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Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Founder and CEO of SolveQ. Huge fan of building things with purpose, agility, and having fun while changing the World. Loves his family, teammates, and nature.