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Fixing broken IT in the company – part 2/3

9 Sept 20194 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Fixing broken IT in the company – part 2/3

What to do, what to do?

One of your main question is right now: What should I do? What steps should I implement to strengthen by deliveries, trust and team. Who should I look for to help me?

Alternatives to fix the broken IT

As stated in the first part of this series, main goal for you should be to analyze the current state and identify what is actually causing problems.

Whether it is about strategy not delivered to the organization, wrong break down of the strategy into operational projects, project delivery process not efficient or lack of the skilled people to implement projects, you should be clear on it and act accordingly.

I would like to focus on the last two possible reasons mentioned.

Project delivery process.

Most of the companies these days is trying to follow one of the most famous methodologies of delivering IT projects, which is Agile and using the same famous frameworks – SCRUM.

But what means framework with deep belief and understanding of each and particular step, meeting and action? Implementing this way of work requires from everyone in the organization to follow rules and ceremonial. That also applies to senior management, where delegation and trust for the SCRUM team is the key, but most importantly that applies to the team itself. These people have to be trained and convinced that this way of work is more efficient and gives them some level of independence, but at the same time putting more responsibility for delivering changes which may influence whole business.

Lack of skills.

What if you are just in the middle of the organization transformation, heading into Agile. People are busy with getting familiar, processes are being rebuild, everyone is trying to find his/her new space.

What if you have decided that your code is old fashioned monolith application, build for last 5 years by internal team. No one knows how it works, any simple change may damage all production. You have already decided to rebuild this into more module or even microservice architecture, put it on cloud, make it easier to implement new features to keep up with the competition and also reduce the maintenance costs. But your internal people has not been able to acquire necessary skills and experience to be able to make it happen?

You are not alone here in the World!

There are dozens of companies providing expertise in particular domains and technologies. They would help you in choosing the strategy fitted into your needs, prepare the plans but also execute and implement necessary changes.

We, at SolveQ, are often asked by CEO’s and CTO’s of different companies, what would be the best approach. And we always try to help them either in finding right direction or in building particular solution.

SolveQ is an agile software house operating from Poland and having mid-size development team located in Gdansk (north part of Poland).

We specialize in building custom solutions for our clients and based on their needs or problems. We’ve already worked with clients from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands. We also cover different domains like logistics, freight forwarding, integrations, e-commerce, geolocation, fintech etc.

Who to choose?

Running the software house is also my job to convince clients that we would be the best choice to help. But nothing speaks better that real use cases.

I will talk more about our successes and how we achieved them in last part of this series.

Stay tuned, Marcin Kulawik

CEO @ SolveQ

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Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Founder and CEO of SolveQ. Huge fan of building things with purpose, agility, and having fun while changing the World. Loves his family, teammates, and nature.