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Fixing broken IT in the company – part 1/3

26 Aug 20193 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Fixing broken IT in the company – part 1/3

What is broken IT in a modern company

As everyone knows, feels, reads, “the IT” is already a key for company’s growth. It should help in better service for clients, introducing new products or features, cooperating with other companies. But what if face “broken IT” in your organisation.

What if that IT doesn’t work?

Usually the perception of not working IT is when existing systems are slow, expensive, unstable, very difficult to maintain and implementing new features.

As a result, that becomes frustrating for all stakeholders, including clients, company’s management and the IT folks.

Moreover, it also cost you lots of potential profit. You are losing clients, which goes to a digital competition, you are losing best people, who are looking for a more challenging assignment.

It applies mostly to enterprise domain, like logistics, freight forwarding, banking, insurance. But it also applies to fairly fresh companies, so called scale ups.Fixing broken IT in the company

But, one of the most important questions to ask is WHY it is even happening?

The answer is as complicated as circumstances for each and every example.

From my perspective on of the most common reasons are:

  1. Competing with time. Lots of companies and their managements are pushing on dates instead of business value. That brings the code and infrastructure to deteriorate.
  2. Competing with cost. I’ve seen situations where the cost is the only driver, so you pick the cheapest cloud, the cheapest design agency, the cheapest development center.
  3. Pushing for own development. Many cases shows that if you have your own development teams, they are not that focused on delivering, they are not feeling like anything they do creative it will not be accepted; hence they are following usual paths.


Before you start fixing the situation, you need
to do a deep analysis where are the main pain points. Is this the process of
gathering user’s feedback, or maybe process of analysing of the market and
competition or maybe the team you have is not feeling and understanding the strategy and goals for the organisation.

This step will also help you to focus on the right solution. If you need to change the process of gathering requirements, you may want to find some coach to help you set up the process and train your people, if you need to improve the infrastructure to be more scalable and stable, you may need to find a cloud consultant to help you do this, if you need to improve the quality and speed of product features delivery, or building new product while your own team if fully booked, you may think of finding a software company to help you with.

I will talk more about finding quick help but also, long term solution in next part of this series.

Marcin Kulawik

CEO @ SolveQ

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Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Founder and CEO of SolveQ. Huge fan of building things with purpose, agility, and having fun while changing the World. Loves his family, teammates, and nature.