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Digital Transformation at SolveQ

Stay ahead of the competition by aligning people, data, and technology.

A Rapidly Changing World Needs Rapidly Changing Solutions. Digital Transformation helps you to generate new possibilities, extend the profit by better services and faster adaptation to a changing World.

We help you to achieve this by migrating your legacy applications and systems to new, cost-effective Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery models

Use your data to build new Digital Business Models improving process visibility, transparency, and providing better information and visibility to customers.

Digital Transformation is the key to transform your organization to better align with the bussines changes and customer’s expectations. We have already proved this by implementing new models in logistics, Freight forwarding, and telecom industries.

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WTS - Positioning Solutions AB

WTS was facing a need to quickly scale up development capabilities in order to push through the next version of their GPS tracking platform and mobile application.

Existing business process analysis Let’s sit down together, try to understand the pain points and new requirements and we will let you know what would be the most effective way to implement changes.

Improvements proposal, choice of technology stack We value your ideas and voice, but we will let you know our vision, doubts, and challenges. All for the sake of building the best product in the world.

Implementation This is what we love the most. Working on the code, building new features, and showing our progress to you regularly.

Maintenance We continue to help you develop new features and product parts, we will analyze potential issues, user feedback. We will not let you stay alone.

iot example