GPS Tracking Application

The project for Trax, a Sweden-based company, involves transitioning their GPS trackers to 4G technology, necessitating new hardware and firmware to enhance capabilities and ensure compatibility with the more advanced network.


GPS Tracking App

WTS – Positioning Solutions AB is a Swedish company founded in 2012 with the goal of developing world-leading GPS services and high-precision trackers. Since its foundation, the company has developed and launched six generations of tracking devices and services on the global market.

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Streamlined transition to G4.

We transitioned to 4G, necessitating our GPS trackers' hardware and firmware upgrades. This move enabled us to enhance new business opportunities by incorporating additional features and functionalities. We also scaled up our development capabilities to meet our customers' expectations.


Enhancing Functionality and Serviceability

The SolveQ project team concentrated on every aspect of the development process. This included providing architecture design services for the backend and developing a mobile application based on React Native for both Android and iOS. We employed Infrastructure as Code on the Google Cloud Platform, which ensured maintainability and serviceability.

As a result, we laid the foundation for business growth opportunities through white labeling. This approach opened up new potential use cases, such as tracking kids and pets. Our new mobile application brought enhanced functionality, including a tighter feedback and integration loop, in-app and cross-channel benefits, and the capability to interact with the user even when the app is running in the background.

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04/Tech Stack

Mobile and Cloud Development

Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform
Terraform – infrastructure as code
Application client:
React Native (iOS, Android)

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