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Check How Tech Upgrades Transformed Tergo's ESG Platform for a Greener Tomorrow

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01/Project Overview

Tech-Driven Upgrades for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Tergo is a leading provider of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) technology solutions, including carbon footprint calculators and offsetting platforms. SolveQ partnered with Tergo over a year-long engagement to enhance their technology infrastructure, application functionality, and overall security posture. This collaboration aimed to support Tergo's rapid growth, evolving customer needs, and commitment to sustainability.

Team Size



14 months


+100 k

Scalable, Secure, User-Friendly

Tergo's commitment to empowering informed environmental decisions demanded a robust technology platform. To meet growing demand and ensure a seamless user experience, they needed to address scalability, security, efficiency, user experience, and customization challenges.

03/Our Approach

Battle-tested process to ensure smooth development

Security Audit

A deep dive into Tergo's existing systems to identify vulnerabilities, enhance data protection, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Rapid Team Assembly

We had to put together a team for this project on very short notice, which required strategic planning of our available resources and restructuring our ongoing projects. However, we’re not flexible if not flexible. We could take on the challenge once we had the team in place!

Project Management and Process

To focus on the desired outcome, our cross-functional team decided to use Scrum, taking a small set of features from an idea to code and test functionalities.

04/ Technology

Secure Mobile-First Application

Infrastructure Optimization: SolveQ streamlined Tergo's cloud infrastructure to enhance performance, reduce costs, and improve scalability. This included resource allocation optimization and implementing best practices for cloud architecture.

Security Enhancement: SolveQ conducted thorough vulnerability assessments and implemented a comprehensive security policy. A secure communication channel (Bitwarden) was established, and ongoing security monitoring was put in place.

Resource Consumption Optimization: SolveQ implemented strategies to minimize resource usage across the platform, aligning with Tergo's commitment to sustainability.

05/App Development:

Enhancing Carbon Calculator Suite for User Delight

SolveQ refined carbon footprint calculator algorithms and interfaces for accuracy and user-friendliness, expanded mobile app functionality, and initiated a bespoke calculator for a new client segment.


Mobile carbon footprint calculator and offset platform

The collaboration between SolveQ and Tergo has resulted in a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform for carbon footprint calculation and offsetting. This platform empowers individuals and organizations to make informed decisions about their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


App users worldwide

4 months

Fast-time to market

94.5 %

Client satisfaction5/5

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