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Innovation visual management

Our client wanted to expand the functionality of his application and add the functionality of creating roadmaps in the form of graphical components.

01/Project Overview

Innovation visual management

Our client was a company that produces software for strategic innovation management. The software is used by a number of global companies, from various markets, including logistics and automotive.

Team Size



6 months



Creating a sleek and modern dashboard for strategic innovation management.

Faced with the urgent need to develop a roadmap visualization feature, our team confronted a significant obstacle: a shortage of front-end JavaScript developers skilled in graphical libraries. To overcome this, we quickly adapted, upskilling our existing team and integrating external expertise to fill the skill gap. Our agile approach, coupled with strategic resource management, allowed us to progress efficiently, turning a resource challenge into an opportunity for innovation and collaborative growth.

03/Our Approach

Crisis-Proven Approach for Swift and Efficient Development

Rapid Team Assembly

We had to put together a team for this project on very short notice, which required strategic planning of our available resources and restructuring our ongoing projects. However, we’re not flexible if not flexible. We could take on the challenge once we had the team in place!

Project Management and Process

To focus on the desired outcome, our cross-functional team used Scrum, taking a small set of features from an idea to code and test functionalities.

Effective Remote Cooperation

Although based in various locations, geography did not hinder our team of programmers when delivering efficient and successful services. We ensured complete transparency in every project stage, allowing client to stay fully informed. Utilizing industry-standard tools, we facilitated seamless remote collaboration at all levels.

04/ Technology

Tech-Driven Client Success

We leveraged the most reliable and modern technology stacks to deliver solutions our client loved. We provide robust, scalable, and user-friendly solutions by combining proven technologies with cutting-edge innovations. This approach resulted in high client satisfaction and loyalty, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in technology.

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