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Compliance and Tracking Software for the Waste Industry

Dive into how we empowered a leading American company providing software for waste management businesses. Our enhancement of their predictive analytics tools helped streamline operations, boost productivity, and achieve significant cost savings, offering a sophisticated compliance solution.

Enhancement of a Predictive Analytics Software

Background of the Project

One of the most important projects of 2022 was a collaboration with a leading American company that provides software for waste management businesses. We worked on enhancing their data tracking software with a sophisticated compliance solution powered by predictive analytics. The project aimed to help them with:

Background of the Project

Staying Compliant

Ensures users are aware of security protocols and federal regulations.

Streamlining Processes

Provides easy access to personnel data, documents, and forms.

Making Informed Decisions

Advanced activity tracking and comprehensive reporting provide valuable insights to improve operations.



The previous version of the software had served the organization for over a decade. However, it faced limitations due to several factors. Many components and services were outdated and no longer supported by their vendors, leading to compatibility and security issues. Recurring problems arose due to the underlying architecture and design limitations, hindering the software's effectiveness in meeting evolving compliance needs. A complete redesign was necessary.



The presence of outdated architecture and legacy code presented a significant challenge. Addressing issues individually wouldn't be effective. Therefore, the decision was made to rebuild the software using contemporary technologies and methodologies. Our approach focused on three core values:

Ease of Use

Given the diverse range of users, simplicity and user-friendliness were crucial. The new solution had to boast an intuitive design and streamlined functionalities for seamless interaction, catering to users with varying computer skills.


Recognizing that the software is frequently used outside traditional office spaces, it had to be resilient to unreliable internet connectivity. The incorporation of web and local storage ensured users could continue working and safeguard their data even with intermittent connectivity.

Future-Proofing and Compliance

To ensure the software remained adaptable to future needs, we committed to employing the latest components and frameworks. This approach streamlined maintenance, facilitated ongoing development, and enhanced performance and security.


Tech Stack

To ensure a seamless user experience, we leveraged a combination of cutting-edge front-end and back-end technologies


A comprehensive strategy was adopted to ensure scalability, mobile-friendliness, robust backend, and user-friendly frontend design. Here are the key aspects of our approach:


Results and Impact

Our approach not only addresses current challenges but is poised to meet future demands. By embracing innovation while preserving user familiarity, we have transformed legacy software into a modern, scalable, and user-friendly tool. This endeavour stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence in software development and a proactive approach to evolving compliance needs in the modern era.

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