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Robust cross-platform mobile application for tracking pets

One of the most significant projects we worked on in 2019 and 2020 was Telenor, Norway’s largest telecommunication, data, and media communication services provider. They are one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies operating across different markets.

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01/Project Overview

Cross-Platform Pet Tracker: A Unified Solution for Animal Safety and Health Monitoring

Our project originated from a dedicated team within Telenor's Consumer IoT department, driven by a passion for pets, particularly dogs. There are 600,000 dogs in Norway alone and almost 88 million across the EU. Recognizing a significant market opportunity in Europe, where dog ownership is steadily increasing, our focus shifted to addressing a universal concern among pet owners: the safety and whereabouts of their pets, especially in distressing situations.

Team Size



2 years


+2 mln

Creating a Versatile GPS Tracker: A Focus on Cross-Platform Compatibility

With a short timeframe, we rapidly assembled a team skilled in developing solutions not just for a single platform, but across various operating systems and devices. This approach ensures that our GPS trackers cater to a broader audience, regardless of the device they use.

03/Our Approach

Battle-tested process to ensure smooth development


Before we started working on the product, our first step was to check what was really under the hood, both technology and strategy-wise.

Was the client aware of the challenges he was about to face? We were there to find out and Discovery Workshop was a tool.

Rapid Team Assembly

We had to put together a team for this project on very short notice, which required strategic planning of our available resources and restructuring our ongoing projects. However, we’re not flexible if not flexible. We could take on the challenge once we had the team in place!

Project Management and Process

To focus on the desired outcome, our cross-functional team decided to use Scrum, taking a small set of features from an idea to code and test functionalities.

04/ Technology

Cross-Platform Pet Tracker Evolution: Scalable Backend and Interactive Frontend

Backend & Infrastructure:

We developed a scalable platform that supports various trackers, not just the specific type created for this project. This includes advanced infrastructure-as-code practices, essential for a cross-platform environment.

Frontend Development:

Leveraging ReactNative and TypeScript, our mobile app is designed for seamless operation across different devices. It communicates with the backend for real-time data and interacts directly with trackers over BLE. Features like location tracking and walk statistics are accessible and shareable across devices, thanks to Firebase Dynamic Links

05/App Development:

Cross-Platform Efficiency with React Native

Our solution, a mobile application developed in React Native, supports both iOS and Android, ensuring broad accessibility. Key features include real-time tracking to locate a wandering dog, geofencing for instant alerts when pets leave a designated area, and activity recording for walk statistics and social sharing. This approach not only streamlined development but also ensured consistent performance across platforms. The app has become a vital tool for pet owners, significantly enhancing pet safety and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


GPS Tracker

Eventually, we completed the project, resulting in an innovative pet tracker that was wireless, durable, waterproof, and seamlessly integrated with the GPS tracking system. The trackers communicate using LTE-M network which allows for rapid data transfer

and Bluetooth for certain operations. Based on nrf52 SoC, it provides access to the developers to a LTE-M/4G combo modem (U-blox SARA R410), GPS (U-blox SARA M8Q) accelerometer, and Qi charging.

+1 mln

App users worldwide

8 months

Fast-time to market

94.5 %

Client satisfaction5/5

What does the client think about us?

SolveQ showed willingness, ability, and commitment to continuously solve new and challenging needs.

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