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Desktop Application for an Enterprise Company

9 Oct 20236 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Desktop Application for an Enterprise Company


A globally renowned company known for its expansive technology offerings, operates over several offices and data centres across the globe. As the modern workspace has become increasingly remote, they've leveraged numerous remote desktop solutions. However, compatibility and security challenges have become roadblocks. Recognising these issues, they sought a custom solution tailored to their needs. Their search led them to partner with SolveQ, a distinguished software development company, to craft a cross-platform Remote Desktop Application.

Key Players:

  • White-label company: The organisation needs a tailor-made Remote Desktop Application.
  • SolveQ: The software development powerhouse behind the Electron. js-based Remote Desktop Application's design, development, and deployment.
  • Use Case: Crafting a Custom Cross-Platform Remote Desktop Application for the White Label Company

Phase 1: Blueprint and Strategy

  • Inception and Deliberation:

Initiating their collaboration, the white-label company and SolveQ embarked on focused discussions. The objective was to precisely define the project's goals, specifications, and timelines. SolveQ systematically gathered detailed requirements throughout these discussions, paying particular attention to security considerations and vital functionalities.

  • Project Blueprint:

Subsequently, SolveQ formulated a comprehensive project blueprint that encapsulated the scope, expected timelines, budget parameters, and anticipated outcomes. After an in-depth review, the white-label company provided its affirmative endorsement of the proposal.

Phase 2: Crafting and Execution

Design and Blueprinting (Months 1-2):

SolveQ's skilled designers drafted wireframes, giving form to the Remote Desktop Application's visual interface. As an integral player, the white-label company provided feedback and suggestions, which led to additional refinements.

Crafting Phase (Months 2-8):

Upon approval, SolveQ's experienced developers began the coding phase, leveraging the capabilities of Electron.js. A primary focus was on integrating robust security measures, including advanced encryption and multifactor authentication. Comprehensive compatibility tests were conducted across various operating systems to ensure consistent performance.

Phase 3: Evaluation and Assurance

First-Look Testing (Months 8-9):

The initial version of the Remote Desktop Application underwent stringent evaluations by SolveQ's dedicated quality control team. These professionals ensured the software met the highest standards of performance and reliability. Concurrently, the White Label Company launched their user validation phase, seeking and incorporating feedback from potential users to refine the client.

Advanced Testing (Months 9-10):

As the development progressed, a polished version of the client was rolled out to a select group within the White Label Company. This group engaged in extensive testing, representing a cross-section of potential users. Their role was critical in identifying any lingering issues or areas for possible enhancement, ensuring every aspect was addressed before the final release.

Phase 4: Rollout and Capacitation

Official Launch (Month 11):

By the 11th month, the Remote Desktop Application had been fine-tuned and was ready for widespread use. It was seamlessly integrated across the White Label Company's entire network infrastructure. However, SolveQ's involvement still needs to conclude with the launch. They went a step further by providing detailed documentation and conducting training sessions. This ensured everyone, from IT professionals to general employees, could use the new software efficiently.

Phase 5: Sustenance and Assistance

Consistent Aid (Months 12+):

Even after the launch, SolveQ proved to be a reliable partner. They committed to offering regular software updates, ensuring the Remote Desktop Application remained compatible with evolving technologies and user needs. If the White Label Company ever identified a need for additional features or adjustments, SolveQ was prepared to address these requests promptly, ensuring the client software always remained at its best.


  • The white-label company received a bespoke Remote Desktop Application tailored to its needs, emphasising robust security and user-centric design.
  • SolveQ's profound expertise with Electron.js ensured the delivery of a durable and reliable application.
  • As a result of this partnership, the white-label company benefitted from bolstered security protocols, streamlined remote desktop interactions, and more centralised oversight of its digital infrastructure.

In Conclusion:

In partnering with SolveQ, the white-label company acquired a powerful Remote Desktop Application driven by the robust Electron.js framework. More than just a functional tool, this client served as a benchmark in security and cross-platform operability. The success of this endeavour highlighted the efficacy of Electron.js in creating top-tier desktop applications suitable for the demands of the corporate world.

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Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

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