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Mobile applications - 5 reasons for every business to own one.

4 Mar 20225 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

Mobile applications - 5 reasons for every business to own one.

Our world is changing very rapidly. Time and progress do not stand still. If you think mobile applications are only for big businesses, you're wrong. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are following the trend and have understood that there is more to an effective mobile strategy than just a friendly mobile website. Nowadays, you will find that many small businesses you deal with on a day-to-day basis have their own mobile app. These businesses are ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level. If you're still not sure why you should build your own mobile platform, here are five key benefits why you should start sooner rather than later. Kross smart bike app developed by SolveQ

1. Creating a target market

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone that they use every day. Take advantage of this and relocate your business exactly where your potential customers are. This is a great opportunity to build your target audience. You can establish a relationship with your customers wherever they are. The person doesn't need to remember your web address or go to a search engine, as with a website, because the mobile app is already installed on their gadget. Every new user who installs your mobile app enters your information space.

2. New customer attraction

Today's modern man likes to use his smartphone to spontaneously search for companies or services that meet his needs. However, company websites are often not designed for display on smartphones. This is accompanied by poor displays of the website and long loading times, which causes potential new customers to migrate to the competition. With an app, you can reach new customers quickly and easily. Mobile apps can successfully draw attention to a brand through various marketing campaigns. In this way, you expand your potential customer audience and develop a trusting relationship with them.

3. New opportunities for advertising

A well-made mobile app provides something very important: customer loyalty. Quite a few companies and brands use apps to distribute discount coupons or vouchers, to introduce new products, to invite customers to events, or to provide information about the company or the brand. Sales can be significantly increased through the app, so this is a common goal for businesses. The fact is that launching your own app is in any case an advertising step because it allows you to use other marketing tools. For example, you can publish news on relevant resources or send out press releases. It is especially valuable to get feedback from users. For example, you can run surveys, polls, allow users to report bugs and so on.

4. Competitive advantage

Not all companies make full use of the potential of their websites, let alone their mobile applications. Some companies don't even have them because for some reason they consider them unnecessary. If you manage to become one of the first to use mobile applications as a marketing and sales tool, you can confidently strengthen your position for the future. In today's highly competitive world, you need to use as many opportunities as possible to spread the word and increase brand awareness.

5. Sales growth

Apps make it much more convenient to shop from mobile devices, which boosts sales. It is a new channel through which you can increase company profits. It can be quite a significant increase depending on how large the audience is. Mobile payments can be made through a mobile app, which is growing rapidly in popularity. People no longer want to waste time shopping, because the same things can be bought using a smartphone while sitting at home with a cup of coffee.


Mobile applications are a very important communication channel in companies, which will increasingly overtake contact via telephone or e-mail. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and uses it on a daily basis. Use this important factor for your business: Retain customers and attract new ones with a mobile app.

If you've decided to build one for your business, start by reaching out to a company like SolveQ, that specializes in creating custom applications for businesses of any kind and for every platform.

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Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

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