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5 steps to digitize your business

31 Mar 20205 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

5 steps to digitize your business

In the uncertain times we live in, there is no room to wonder when is the best time to digitize your business. Organizations that fail to transform and adapt to the modern age stay behind and eventually lose market share & profits. On top of that, there are operational efficiency and productivity gains that come from digital transformation. However, even if the reasons to go digital are clear to business owners, the way to do it is not. Here is our guide to digitizing your business in 5 steps.

Surveys indicate that more than half of companies follow traditional business strategies rather than move to the digital approach. Challenging at first, it is still worth it, making an organization future-proof and stable. Especially that others are digitizing big time or have done so already.

Before jumping into the guide, let's make sure it's clear what digitization (or digital transformation) is about. In simple words, it's using the power of technology (the Internet, in most cases) to sell products & services to a wider audience. It could also mean automating company processes, freeing people, and making production mistake-proof. It's like selling lemonade in front of your house versus serving it in a restaurant chain across the country. Add globalization to it and your audience expands even further - being able to sell to anyone anywhere is an advantage that can't be overlooked.

5 steps to digitize your business

Making the change and switching to the digital world may sound overwhelming at first, however, there are more benefits than drawbacks that come out of it. Consider just the risks of staying behind your competitors. By taking a few key steps, you will find the right track to success. Here are 5 steps to digitize a business, with the increase of overall productivity.

1. Concentrate on design & infrastructure

It is very important to focus your attention on the design and infrastructure of your website, as it is the face of your business for an online audience. Within your industry, you are certain to have competition. Thus, your website design and online experience should be top-notch. Having a well-designed website would is a fundament that promotes your business online and allows you to compete with your competitors.

2. Secure your business website

While your business may already have an online presence, your website may encounter an unexpected error or even be targeted by bugs, malware, and other digital attacks. Selecting appropriate website hosting platform, content management system and security software is a vital step in digitizing your business. With going online comes a great risk of losing critical data - sometimes this alone is enough to shut down a business. Not to mention regulations like GDPR, that require appropriate client data handling & security.

3. Get help in digitizing your business

As you are new to the digital world, it might be difficult to understand how to transform processes in your organization. Fortunately, you can get help to organize your business. One example would be hiring a web designer to give your website a professional appearance. Another step is to work with an SEO agency to improve your online presence and increase profits along the way.

Digitizing a business may also mean migrating legacy applications and systems or transforming them. Done in-house, it can be a pain that lasts years, which is why third-party companies like SolveQ exist. A 3rd party would deal with old apps more efficiently and without sentiments.

4. Rely on digital transformation software

There are different types of software available in the online market. One improve the efficiency, other appearance, and productivity of your business website. If you need to rely on yourself in building online presence, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. Its versatility and popularity allows building everything from a simple one-man store website to a robust online business.

5. Take digitizing your business slow

Digitize your business – this may excite you and also make you worry as to how would you digitize your business step by step. Important thing to remember is that it will not happen overnight. You have to move gradually, slowly, and carefully to make sure that you do not leave any queries unanswered. Digitizing your business with SolveQ will provide all necessary services such as domain name registration, web hosting, website building, website security, email hosting and much more.

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Marcin Kulawik

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