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How to find a job without experience in the IT market?

22 Feb 20193 min read

Ida Kulawik

Ida Kulawik

How to find a job without experience in the IT market?

A company employing a programmer without experience takes a risk of employing a person who is not able to program or program not very well. It is therefore understandable that companies are reserved to hire people without experience. Therefore, what you should do to get an interview at all is to prove that you can program. You must have clear evidence that you are an experienced programmer / programmer, despite lack of work experience. What can be such proof [1]? How to find a job in IT without experience?How to find a job without experience in the IT market?

Presence on the Internet

It is worth running a professional blog in the field of programming. The blog will be proof of the knowledge of the topic, being up to date or at least showing passion and interest in the topic if you are a beginner. Even if you’re just learning, you can share how you gain experience on the blog. If you do not run a blog, it’s worth your social media profiles to show interest in the topic and to work in the programming community.


It is worth creating a portfolio showing the things you have programmed. This will be an example of your skills. You can also publish your projects on the GitHub website. It is worth taking care of your profile on GitHub, because many employers use it.

Own company

One of the possibilities is the establishment of a sole proprietorship. It is worth creating a website of your company and building an application and selling it in the online store. Such a company with you as a founder will look great in your CV.

Preparation for interviews

As a person without experience, you start from a worse position than experienced programmers, so you should prepare yourself twice.

Contact network

It is worth building a network of contacts in the industry, establishing relationships at conferences, programmers’ meetings, industry events, networking. It’s possible that someone you know will give you a chance and hire you or a guardrail for you.

Work for free

If you can afford it, work for free gives you the opportunity to present your skills, and does not carry risks for the company that employs.

Work on internship

One of the options is to propose a company where you want to work on an internship.

Work on a small project

You can offer your employer a job as part of a small project to present your skills. Suggest temporary work on commission, which will be low risk for the employer, and you will have a chance to show off the good side.

Get to the company

If the company in which you want to work as a programmer does not want to hire you for this position, try to apply for the other. From another position, you can try to move up to the role of a programmer.


If you lack professional experience of attitudes towards certifications, to raise your qualifications.


Keep reminding yourself of the employer. Of course, try to do it in the least irritating way;)

[1] The blog post was made on the basis of a book J. Sonmez, Kariera programisty. Jak budować doświadczenie, przejść rekrutację i zdobyć pracę marzeń, Gliwice 2018.← Return to all posts

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