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How to create a desktop application in 2023

18 Aug 20232 min read

Marcin Kulawik

Marcin Kulawik

How to create a desktop application in 2023

In the era before the advent of web applications, desktop software was the norm. Gradually, web-based platforms have been nudging them aside. However, we are currently witnessing a resurgence in the popularity of desktop application development tools.

In 2023, the landscape is heavily dominated by web technologies and mobile applications. Consequently, businesses and individuals are expected to lessen their dependency on desktop computers as they are likely to access most services using their phones.

Thus, the significance of desktop computers might be somewhat reduced compared to their present importance. However, an intriguing resurgence in the interest in desktop applications suggests that they continue to retain a unique appeal and hold a distinctive position in our digital universe.
Read the following article to have a better understanding of this topic. Learn all the essential information about desktop apps and the building process to ensure this solution can work for your business.

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What is a desktop application?

Desktop applications are software programs developed to fulfill specific purposes for computer users, operating directly within the desktop environment. They differ from web-based or mobile apps as they interact with the operating system itself. The demand for desktop applications is on the rise, thanks to advancements like artificial intelligence and machine learning. By integrating machine learning capabilities, desktop applications can automate business processes, continuously learn, optimize efficiency, and minimize human intervention. These applications provide a user interface for input and output, making them versatile tools for various tasks such as word processing, media playback, gaming, and more. Some popular examples of desktop apps include:

  • Photoshop
  • Skype
  • web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox,
  • Discord
  • Microsoft File Explorer

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Marcin Kulawik

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