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Outsource AI Software Development

Let our team of machine learning engineers take on the development of your AI-driven product idea, freeing up your time to focus on other important business tasks. We’ll turn your idea into a custom-made product that meets your specific needs.


Hire Your AI Engineer

Choose a top-tier AI development firm that matches your business goals. Our team of experienced machine learning engineers is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions tailored to your needs, helping you achieve transformational growth.


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Banking and Financial Sector

Utilize the power of AI to develop intelligent assistants for improved decision-making, financial applications for budget planning, credit scoring, and fraud detection.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Streamline your supply planning process, automate warehouse analysis, and optimize routes with our solutions. Our AI-powered software can also assist with invoice and receipt processing and detect cargo damage for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Retail & E-commerce

Collaborate with your AI developer to anticipate customer behavior. Benefit from customized recommendations, customer experience consulting, streamlined in-store operations, and reduced customer churn.

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Automotive Manufacturing

Leverage AI technology to streamline production. Utilize advanced simulations and design iterations, implement effective AI-powered automotive software to perform reliable visual inspections and detect equipment defects.

Our services

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Business Intelligence

SolveQ specializes in consulting services for business intelligence and data warehousing. We also provide big data analytics solutions to help unlock the full potential of your data and establish effective data management processes that facilitate informed decision-making.

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Natural Language Processing

Our bespoke NLP solutions allow us to analyze text data from social media, emails, and audio and uncover valuable audience insights. By detecting sentiment, interests, gender, and more, we help you better understand your users.

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Computer Vision / OCR

Our AI-driven OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services empower businesses to extract data from physical documents and generate. Our automated data capture and extraction solutions enhance document processing, increase accuracy and efficiency, and minimize errors for businesses. insights.

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Machine Learning

Our team of machine learning developers assists clients in driving business growth and expanding their reach by extracting valuable insights from unstructured data across various sources.


The cost of building a custom AI application depends on its complexity, target platforms, and technologies used.

On average, the time to develop a medium-complexity solution varies between 600 and 3000 hours.

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    Why choose SolveQ?

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    We’re an AI software development company with over 5 years of success stories.

    Our clients are global brands from Europe and beyond.

    We’ve been developing native apps from scratch since 2018, together with our own team of experienced developers. Our tech: React, Node.js, PHP, TypeScript, Python C, C++ & more.

    SolveQ is based in Gdynia, Poland, part of the EU, and will have ISO 27001 certification soon.

    Our clients’ apps

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    Client testimonials

    “The team works efficiently and delivers as expected, often beyond our expectations. They are always forthcoming to accommodate any new requests and ready to assist if any issue occurs.”


    Mitt Spor Product Owner, Telenor (Norway)

    “SolveQ delivered a successful app that users love. It’s easy to operate and understand. Client leads have also increased since its launch. SolveQ is a trustworthy vendor that contributes as a true partner.“


    CEO, WTS Positioning Solutions

    “It was a true pleasure working alongside you this past year. We are very proud of all the things that we’ve built together – we know that your contribution has a true impact on the company and will last for the years to come.”


    Managing Directro and CTO, Forto

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