How to learn programming?

How to become a programmer? How to learn to program? Of course, there are several ways to achieve this. Here they are:

Is IT a “men’s game”?

As part of our cycle “Women in IT”, we invite you to read the conversation with an economist, researcher and lecturer Dr. Zofia Łapniewska.

In a diverse team, everyone brings a different value

As part of our cycle “Women in IT”, a conversation with two great and dynamic Product Owners: Gosia Gulgowska-Kowalska and Olga Springer. We invite you to read:) Where did your interest in the IT industry come from? Olga Springer, Head of Product, SentiOne: My cousin studied telecommunications, after graduation he had a very good job […]

Making the right impact

At SolveQ we put our best efforts to solve the problems of our clients with the best quality of the outcome. The first question oftentimes is where the true source of a problem lies and what solution would give the most desirable results.

Programmers – myths and stereotypes

There are some stereotypes associated with each professional group, but the IT industry is invariably brilliant in this respect 🙂 What are the most popular stereotypes of programmers?

Inclusive language at work – practical tips

Language researchers agree that the way we say or write not only describes but also cteates reality. Stereotypes fixed by language often create the wrong harmful image of people and groups. That is why it is so important to pay attention to what and how we say. The goal of the language of equality or […]

Zero Waste at work

Zero Waste, or “waste” and “life without rubbish” is a lifestyle that involves minimizing the generation of waste and thus not polluting the environment.

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