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6 reasons why the Tri-City is the best place to work in IT in Poland

2 Sept 20192 min read

Ida Kulawik

Ida Kulawik

6 reasons why the Tri-City is the best place to work in IT in Poland

The title of the post is a bit perverse, because of course there are many great places to live and work. But we will give you several reasons why we love Tricity and why it is fun to live here.

1. Clean air

Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot belong to the cities with the lowest PM10 concentration in Poland. The current state of air quality can be checked here: https: // armaag.

2. Location by the sea

If you like the sea, the Tri-City is the best IT option on the Polish coast. You work here while still on vacation. The beach is at your fingertips, you do not have to organize a special trip to relax on the sand, among the sound of the waves.fot. Michał Szczepankiewicz

3. Interesting IT events

In the Tri-City there are plenty of them: e.g. Infoshare or Crossweb

4. Money

These include in the Tri-City, where the IT companies offer the highest salary. The largest increase compared to 2017 was recorded by Warsaw and the Tri-City, which surpassed the Wrocław podium that took up a year ago – see the No Fluff Jobs Salary Report from 2018

5. Bicycle paths

There is a very good bike path system in the Tri-City, thanks to which cycling to work is pure pleasure. For a minimal fee, you can use the Mevo Metropolitan Bicycle – the most modern city bike system in Europe.
Once a year in Tri-City it is worth participating in an amazing event – The Great Bicycle Ride.

6. Cultural offer

The Tri-City has a very rich and comprehensive cultural offer. Only to mention a few events, such as: Open’er FestivalInternational Festival of Outdoor and Street Theaters FETAPolish Feature Film Festival in GdyniaSopot FestivalGdańsk Shakespeare TheaterEuropean Solidarity Center.

And what are your tips for living and working? We will be pleased if you share them in the comments 🙂

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Ida Kulawik

Ida Kulawik

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