Vue and Html Canvas Application


Our client was a company that produces software for strategic innovation management. The software is used by a number of global companies, from various markets, including logistics and automotive.


  • Need to develop roadmap visualisation as a new feature requested by
  • Lack of resources qualified in front-end JS developers familiar with graphical libraries


  • Quick start of SolveQ agile team
  • SolveQ responsibility:
    • choice of tools and libraries to deliver expected functionality
    • development of new features
    • integration with the main application
    • tuning the application according to customers needs


  • New functionality implemented in 6 months
  • Graphical presentation of the innovation process warmly accepted by final customers


  • Languages:
    • TypeScript
    • TJavaScript
  • Frameworks:
    • VueJS
  • Libraries
    • KonvaJs
    • Vuex
    • Vuetify
    • Axios
  • Repository:
    • Gitlab

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