The way we work

Our work is based on three pillars: agility, effective remote cooperation and focus on results

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We work fast while efficiently responding to the unpredictable. Our teams and processes are tailored for your project’s success.

  • Cross-functional Teams

    With the skills and knowledge of our developers, we are able to assemble project teams that can deal with all technology needs of the project

  • Iterative Development

    We use short development cycles, frequent feedback loops and efficient CI/CD pipelines. Your product’s time to market is always on our mind

  • Flexibility

    We don’t restrict ourselves to just one project management approach - we use Scrum, Kanban or traditional waterfall methods - whatever works best with the specifics and size of your project

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Effective Remote Cooperation

Even if we are geographically distant or the times don’t allow for frequent face-to-face interactions, we have means to reach common objectives.

  • Visibility

    You have full visibility into our planning, executing and controlling processes: from initial requirements analysis and solution estimation to risk management and budget control

  • Tools

    We use industry-standard tools supporting effective remote cooperation in all key areas of our operation: software development, project management and communication

  • Project Management

    We assign a dedicated Agile Project Manager focused on your project’s success. The person in this role supports and coordinates the work of the whole project team, connecting everyone involved on your and our end

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Focus on results

We strive to reach common objectives. When we meet challenges we face them together.

  • Innovation

    We foster a culture of innovation. We choose the tools and technologies to build the optimal solution for your business and we keep on improving

  • Predictability

    Our structure ensures fast project start-up and reliable results. Recruiting talent and sharing knowledge within our core domains of expertise allow us to maintain project continuity and scalabilit

  • Transparent Communication

    We believe mutual trust is built upon open communication