Project info


CommunEaty is a Swedish startup that has set itself the goal of creating a new social platform focused on sharing meals.

In an era when more and more people live alone, why not eat together?

CommunEaty wants to facilitate social cooking for each other, finding favourite food, inviting people to try our specialite de la maison.


For startups, the price is almost everything. CommunEaty, while not being well-financed yet, wanted to get a complete application design, which could be of interest to investors – and to get it at a favorable price.

Something more than simple mock-ups was needed. It was necessary to prove the completeness of their vision by demonstrating full user experience through a graphical interface specially designed for the application objectives.


Matsuu has designed for CommunEaty both user interface and user experience from scratch. Everything fully in line with social cooking app assumptions.

Based on research and behavioural analysis of target groups, a beautiful and highly usable mobile design for both chefs and users has been created.

Design and features

  • Unique design, consistent with the brand and aesthetics of the project
  • User interface solutions based on target group research
  • Inclusion of all features planned for the application.
  • Graphic design ready to be used in the development of mobile application.