Project info


Skanska is a well-known Swedish construction company with more than 50,000 employers worldwide. Such a large organisation needs internal courier services to cope with parcel shipments between offices and branches. The most important thing is to ensure that these operations do not distract employees from their work.


Skanska used a simple system of lockers, enabling to ship parcels between the branches. The authorized recipient had to enter the numerical code using the buttons on the locker’s panel to receive the package, shipped by internal service.

The whole system had one severe issue – a code had to be sent by another means, like mail or SMS. Unfortunately, people often lost the code, which resulted in problems with picking up their parcels.


Matsuu has designed and developed a better solution, streamlining the operations of shipment and picking up the parcels. Our Secure mobile smartlocker app SkanskaBOX allowed dropping the numerical code system.

The whole authorization is done seamlessly. A user can open the smartlocker from the app by using a Bluetooth connection with the smart lock or with the use of centralized web service and place his package inside. After the shipment was delivered, a push notification was sent to the recipient, who was able to open given locker right from the mobile app.

Design and features

  • Integration with shipment database
  • Bluetooth remote control for smart locks
  • Webservice central management of lockers
  • Push notification after package arrival