Project info


Arkana is a Polish brand, which since 2011 has been creating innovative dermocosmetics that transcend the boundaries of traditional care.

The company focuses on combining treatments in beauty parlors with home care, addressing products from its laboratories to both professionals and normal customers.


Due to the dynamic development of the company, the existing online store proved to be insufficient. It was necessary to design a completely new platform that would meet a number of requirements.

Arkana needed both B2B and B2C solutions, the implementation of a loyalty program, offering many payment and delivery methods and even the possibility of the personal receipt in beauty parlors.

Above all, however, the entire store had to be integrated with the company’s ERP system.


Matsuu used the Magento 2 platform to create an extensive online store, serving both business and individual customers.

The store is distinguished by an attractive interface and ease of use, also on mobile devices.

In addition, it has been integrated with the existing ERP system, which was not an easy task.

Design and features

  • Attractive design and convenient UX
  • Built-in innovative loyalty program
  • Advanced business logic customization
  • Integrations with dozen external services
  • Integration with company ERP system