Project info


Arkana is a Polish brand, which since 2011 has been creating innovative dermocosmetics that transcend the boundaries of traditional care.

The company focuses on combining treatments in beauty parlors with home care, addressing products from its laboratories to both professionals and normal customers.


Many businesses are thinking about the introduction of m-commerce app to their sales processes. Arkana has decided to do more than just think. The mobile channel has been identified as a key part of the sales strategy.

However, the requirements of this manufacturer of cosmetics were very complex.

The application had to meet the needs of both individual customers and partner beauty salons at the same time. It had to provide the possibility of local pick-up of cosmetics purchased in the online store and properly calculate loyalty program points.


Matsuu has developed a beautifully designed native m-commerce app for iOS and Android.

It fully integrates with Arkana’s online store and provides seamless shopping experience across the channels.

Thanks to the QR code scanner, it expands the possibilities of the loyalty program nd makes local pick-up of shopping very simple.

Design and features

  • Integration with Magento-based online store
  • Brand-specific user interface
  • Streamlined shopping experience
  • Easy mobile payments
  • QR code scanner for loyalty system