Project info


Gdańsk Foundation for Manager Education (GFKM) specializes in training and development programs for executives and personnel of medium and large companies.

The Foundation also conducts MBA and post-graduate studies, coaching programmes and consulting projects, thus providing its Clients with a unique synergy of quality and practical value. The needs of such institution cannot be met by a simple website.


A website for an educational institution usually contains a huge amount of information. The biggest challenge is to develop the architecture of this information.

It is also necessary to ensure the convenience of viewing the published content. After all, the website will be used by students, it is more than just a showcase of the institution.


The GFKM website has been developed by Matsuu with the aim of providing clear information on hundreds of courses, trainings and MBA programs conducted there.

The website also allows you to get acquainted with the staff of lecturers, enroll in studies and gain knowledge in the field of management and business.

Design and features

  • An advanced navigation system for easy access to information
  • Highly optimized content for search engines
  • Attractive design in line with the style of the brand
  • Easy content management mechanism for employees