• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile / AR / Beacon
  • Client: Shopping Mall

Project info


Shopping is more than mere buying stuff – its a whole lifestyle, which become possible only with the large malls, full of shops, service points, restaurants, and other POIs. But the shoppers increasingly make more and more purchases online, treating malls just as a social place for checking the products. Now it is imperative that retailers understand the possibility of mobile solutions, which can turn the tide and make spending money offline attractive again.


There is no one single challenge in making malls attractive for shoppers, rather a lot of smaller ones. Customers are looking for convenience and become more demanding than ever.

They want a convenient way to park their car, convenient way to find attractive products, convenient way to pay (and of course to pay less thanks to all kind of discount coupons), even convenient way to grab a bite to eat. All these needs have grown from the habits of the online world, where everything is instant and on demand.


Matsuu has designed and build a Shopping companion app – a set of white label tools for shopping mall operators which want to take their marketing data to the next level. By delivering their guest a personalized experience, the app allows to profile purchasing behaviors of the customers, offer them proximity-based promotions and gamified advertisements. All of the above is possible with features that enhance the shopping experience. Our shopping companion app has a modular architecture, currently supporting 5 modules, which can be independently requested by the mall operator.

We offer:

  • One tap – Parking assistant module,
  • Lead Me – Indoor camera-based navigation module,
  • QP On – Intelligent couponing module and proximity-based, real-time advertising module,
  • Feed Me – food ordering module,
  • Paper pit – eRecepit handler and loyalty scheme module.

All the modules can be delivered as separate apps, allowing a customer to gradually engage in the experience or as a 5 in1 app with all the services joined in one dedicated solution, branded accordingly to the mall’s visual identification. Shopping companion app can also serve as an add-on to existing apps in case of customers who already have their own mall app.

Design and features

  • theme tailored to brand identity
  • modular architecture
  • Augmented Reality/Beacon indoor navigation,
  • support for many types of customer loyalty programs
  • push marketing
  • API for integration with external apps