• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile
  • Client: Gas Station

Project info


Almost every gas station chain has a rewards program nowadays, with different methods of winning customer loyalty by offering something extra for bought fuel and services.

These rewards can be vastly different: some chains will offer a discount for fuel, other offer points redeemable for gifts. The scale, value and time periods of such programs can change, yet one thing remains the same. Partakers in loyalty program are identified with magnetic stripe card, swiped at the pump or shown in the front of the cashier.


It takes time to apply for chain loyalty card. It takes time to register a card. Remembering about a card and always having it during payments needs attention. Eventually, most customers, even if they applied for a card, quickly forget about it. It lies somewhere in the glove compartment.

A client asked by gas station employee „do you collect points” will answer „no”. This translates directly into declining customer loyalty – without your rewards card in a wallet, there is no particular reason for him or her to choose your gas station.


Almost every customer of a gas station is carrying a mobile phone. With such assumption Matsuu has built a gas station app for Android and iOS, supporting different types of a rewards program. Such virtual loyalty card doesn’t need special methods of authentication – the customer can be identified by scanning QR code displayed on the smartphone.

The gas station app not only helps a customer in collecting points or rewards in loyalty programs but can also be used as an interactive marketing and sales channel. Additional features include ticker to inform about current fuel prices, a log of the operational costs of the car, contest/gamification module, even cryptographically validated photo documentation for accidents.

Design and features

  • theme tailored to brand identity
  • modular architecture
  • QR codes and NFC identification
  • support for many types of loyalty programs
  • push marketing