• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile / Beacon
  • Client: Finderful

Project info


People easily lose things. If it’s a pen, it’s a small problem. However, if it is a wallet with documents, the matter is completely different. And what if your cat escapes?This is a problem that almost everyone has encountered in life, so we have created an application for almost everyone.


Global Positioning System (GPS) has been a phenomenal success with applications in a wide range of domains, but it does not work inside buildings. The need for the indoor localization system has found a somewhat effective solution in the beacon systems.

Due to the battery limitations, these small radio transmitters cannot broadcast their position continuously. They also need the software for calculating their position and effective beacon tracking.


One of the first mobile applications created by Matsuu was Finderful – the tool to easily locate things to which small, cheap radio beacons are attached. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol to find the source of transmission and with the intuitive interface, helps find things which were lost.What is most important, that Finderful communicates in an energy efficient way, so the things with the beacon attached can be found even many days after losing them.Beacon tracking also helps the people who forget things – just attach the beacon to your glasses or keys, and the mobile app will alarm you when you move away from them.

Design and features

  • Beautifully designed native app for iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Support
  • Easy beacon pairing
  • Intuitive indoor localization
  • Alert system for the forgetful people