Project info

Client is one of the most popular Polish portals dedicated to software and new technologies. Serving both professionals and novice users who are looking for applications that can be useful to them, it is also a trustworthy and recognizable source of knowledge and news about IT.


The website offers its readers a rich catalogue of software for the most popular platforms. In the case of mobile devices, installing applications via a web browser turned out to be inconvenient. That’s why it was necessary to create a specialized mobile app store, which will allow users to easily install and update the best apps for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS.At the same time, however, such a shop is supposed to serve as a competition platform for committed members of the community of dobreprogramy. The website runs regular, multi-day contests for them, in which the correctness of the answer is as important as the speed of its response. The mechanism of competitions would therefore give equal opportunities to all participants, regardless of where they are at the moment of publishing a new question.


Matsuu has delivered a beautifully designed dobreprogramy app store for Android and iOS. It allows you to easily find the best apps for smartphones and tablets, install and update them. It is also possible to rate the application and comment them.In addition, the application presents the latest news from the IT industry, and when the contest time comes, notifies users that they should prepare for upcoming questions. Of course, the questions can be answered through the applications.

Design and features

  • Store with the best apps for Android and iOS
  • Software installations and updates
  • Evaluations and reviews of the apps
  • View the latest news from the IT industry
  • Push notifications for contests
  • Current competition ranking
  • Informations from sponsor
  • Presentation of prizes and awards