Project info


White Wood is the real estate agency from the Tri-City, focusing on the premium segment for demanding customers. Its offer is perfectly tailored and suited to the Tri-City lifestyle.


When creating a website for a real estate agency, it is not only design and the message that counts. First of all, what counts is the actuality of the presented offers and the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization.


Matsuu has designed a beautiful and modern website, which apart from information about the agency itself also provides a convenient search engine for offers.

Advanced filtering options allow agency clients to easily find offers from their region of interest.

The straightforward and elegant way of presenting offers allows users to form an opinion about the properties even before seeing them with their own eyes.

Design and features

  • Beautifully designed, mobile-friendly website
  • Highly engaging UX
  • Convenient search engine for offers
  • Integration with industry-standard CRM system
  • Advanced SEO optimization for best possible results in Google