Project info


Situated at the seaside, Lalala Montessori kindergarten focuses on a holistic approach to pedagogy, nutrition and care.

It was founded in response to the needs of parents who want more than just a good kindergarten for their children.


Of course, the design of the website for the Montessori kindergarten should correspond to the unique assumptions of this pedagogical method.

However, design alone is not enough. Such a website is primarily a tool for communication between the kindergarten and parents. It must facilitate childcare work and protect privacy to the highest degree.


Matsuu created the website in such a way that it not only explains to parents the assumptions and advantages of Montessori pedagogy, but also facilitates the relationship between parents and the kindergarten.

An interactive calendar plays a key role here, through which it is possible not only to learn about important events, but also to enroll children for additional activities.

A system of private photo galleries, accessible only to parents of children from a given kindergarten group, turned out to be a successful idea.

Design and features

  • Clear and modern design, inspired by the principles of Montessori pedagogy
  • Responsive, mobile friendly interface
  • Interactive calendaring system
  • Private photo galleries