• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile / Payments
  • Client: Julian Bakery

Project info


Julian Bakery is a well-known manufacturer of luxury paleo, keto, primal, pegan and low carb food. Hundreds of products of many types and diets have found thousands of loyal customers, who recognize the value of this special food as the major benefactor for their health and fitness.


The growing importance of mobile commerce become for the Julian Bakery both opportunity and risk. The opportunity to increase sales through new, convenient channel and establish a deeper connection with customers, the risk to disincentive partners, brick and mortar shops selling Julian Bakery’s products.

The perfect mobile food shopping app had to find a balance between these contradictory needs, bringing the added value to both customers and partners.


Matsuu has created a mobile food shopping app for the Julian Bakery, tightly integrated with the online shop, yet with many additional features on the top.

Geolocation services help to find brick and mortar stores selling Julian’s Bakery products. Smart calories intake calculator brings a convenient way to set up the best diet plan for the customer, suggesting appropriate products for expected fitness results.

The store also provides automation of customer support – on the basis of previous purchases it provides notifications and advice on dietetics, taking care to maintain interest in products from its offer. On demand it also allows to automatically place orders when the food is running out, by calculating the consumption rate.

Design and features

  • Designed with the convenience in mind for the active people
  • Diet plan generator based on key aspects of fitness goals
  • Geosearching for the closest brick and mortar store
  • Mobile payment integration
  • Full integration with the online shop (one shopping basket going with the customer)
  • Customer relations module, with order automation and push marketing