Project info


GiGi Pizza is a well known local pizza chain, with a focus on fast home delivery, friendly service and high quality of ingredients. The constantly growing number of customers forced the company to introduce of an IT system, which will both facilitate orders and speed up service.


People order pizza in many different ways and all these ways must be served, from all restaurants in the chain. Both mobile applications and the order module on the website had to offer similar choices as in the restaurant.

The management module must consider not only online orders, but also orders made by phone and POS. There is also needed a tablet-optimized view for employees and integration with the warehouse module and external fiscal systems. Briefly speaking, while the pizza is a simple (and tasty!) food, pizza logistic can be very hard.


Matsuu has designed and delivered a complex IT system for pizza chains, based on both web and mobile applications. Yet the main focus is the simplicity of user experience and friendliness of touch interface. With the support for multiple restaurants, discount codes, promotions, complex choices for pizza ingredients, interactive information about delivery, ability to split the bills and social media sharing, GiGi Pizza ordering app definitely stands out among others.

Design and features

  • Flexible choice system for pizza menu
  • Interactive maps of delivery
  • Support for delayed orders
  • PUSH notifications support
  • Social media sharing
  • Discount codes support
  • Promotions management