Project info


Prof. dr. med. Leszek Wojnowski is a famous scientist, conducting research and teaching at the Department of Pharmacology, University Mainz, Germany. One of his pet projects was an educational pharmacy app for students and physicians working in Africa, funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.


Creation of academic-level educational apps can be a daunting task, not only because of the amount of knowledge to be processed and structured but also because of the complex relations between the objects and need of advanced database queries.

PharmaFrog set the level of difficulty even higher because the app has to work not only as a workbook of pharmacology but also as the set of elastic learning modules, with the system of tests and self-assessments indicating the material to train, in case of a student’s shortage in specific areas.


Matsuu has taken over the development of this educational pharmacy app and finished it according to the expectations.

Both versions for Android and iOS offer an advanced search engine for the workbook, dividing information into indications, clinical situations, drugs, mechanisms, and glossary.

The app delivers standard compendium mode, an educational mode where its knowledge base is divided into learning modules used by self-teaching system, and the test mode, where students can assess their knowledge and shortages through automatically generated questions.

Design and features

  • Lighweight, workbook-style optimized design
  • Advanced search engine with selectors
  • Teaching mode with elastic learning modules
  • Testing mode with self-assessment and automatic test generator