• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile
  • Client: Coffee Break

Project info


The education of workforce and training of employees became a highly important aspect of contemporary work market. No profession is free from the requirement of constant qualifications raising. Such need has to lead to an emergence of many educational companies, providing educational services for both individuals and enterprises.


Companies that want to train professional workforce quickly discover that education of older people (andragogy) is very different than teaching children, teenagers, and young people.

The trainer struggles with problem elsewhere unheard of: he has a group of mutually unfamiliar people with weakened learning habits, mostly expecting immediate solutions. These people have both professional, and family lives and whole group suffers from weak attendance.


Recent studies on the use of mobile applications in education have shown that they can be a significant help in the process of teaching adults. With this knowledge, Matsuu has prepared a Coffee Break, a beautifully designed educational helper app for Android and iOS. This mobile assistant can help in scheduling classes, reservation of rooms, sending reminders to students. During classes it allows you to order catering and remind about coffee breaks.

Modular architecture enables turning this educational helper app into a tool for building and optimization of practical courses – from a management of source materials to automatic generation of tests and repetitions, taking into account the forgetting curve. It also helps in assessment of progress in learning, for both groups and individual students.

Design and features

  • modular architecture with additional modules tailored to the customers’ needs
  • integration with external web services (for example ordering of Uber or pizzas)
  • push notification system for students
  • calendaring and scheduling system
  • management of sources
  • tracking of educational progress
  • generation of tests and repetitions based upon source material