• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile
  • Client: Social Banking

Project info


All large consumer banks must have an offer for children and young people. After all, they will be their future customers. However, offering children and young people a regular e-banking application does not make sense – it will not appeal to young users, and will be quickly forgotten.

Young customers need not only access to their money but also many additional functionalities, taking into account the specific nature of their lives. A social banking application matching these requirements was requested by one of the most popular Polish banks.


The banking application for children and teenagers must stand out both in its attractive design and be simple and convenient to use. It should also educate on how to save money and take into account the special role of parents in children’s spending.

It was not easy to take all these requirements into account – the more functionality, the greater the complexity. And yet the compromise solution was unacceptable. It was necessary to design the interface in a completely new way, guiding users by the hand through all social banking  possibilities.


The application created by us allows to exchange funds between users, while maintaining direct contact through chat. The account owners have constant access to their money, can order transfers, make card payments or recharge prepaid phone numbers.

The application also gives parents a full insight into their children’s expenses – they can set spending limits, define pocket money, and even create joint savings plans for the whole family.

Design and features

  • Chat integrated with banking operations
  • Savings functions
    Parental control
  • Attractive design for children and young people
  • Contactless payment support