Project info


Pello Caffe is a coffee as a service business created by Łukasz Pellowski, which continues family craftsmanship traditions dating back to the interwar period.

The idea was to create a coffee of excellent quality, but at the same time easily accessible even in large quantities.

At the same time Pello Caffe brought an innovative business model of supplying the coffee to both small and large enterprises.


When developing the website for Pello Caffe, we quickly noticed that this could not be another website of a food brand.

In order to achieve the expected business effect, the website had to become a minimalist online store, grounded in the narration of craft coffee.

We had to offer an easy way to order coffee as a service in different subscription plans.


Matsuu has prepared a seemingly classic, but also technologically modern website.

The brand’s marketing communication seamlessly transforms into an offer to deliver coffee as a service to offices, implemented through a built-in e-commerce system.

Design and features

  • Unique design in line with the philosophy of the brand
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly technology
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Integration with e-commerce features