• Created by: Matsuu
  • Skills: Mobile / Beacon
  • Client: Car Dealer

Project info


For modern car dealers, simple websites have ceased to be sufficient. Faced with intense competition and better than ever informed consumer, car salesmen need all available help to attract the customer.

British Automotive Centrum was one of such authorized dealers, known for the offer of Jaguar and Land Rover cars in best possible prices. To achieve strategic business goals, it was decided to implement an OmniChannel marketing strategy. The fundamental part of this strategy was the introduction of car dealer app for Android and iOS.


The complex expectations made the development a tough challenge. The solution had to be something more than a simple car showcase app of actual offers.

The need to impress customers goes hand in hand with the need to make the whole process of buying and using the car more convenient. Using the advanced mobile technologies was a must, just as designing attractive gamification system – everything for the generating sales leads.


Matsuu has developed a dedicated car showcase app for car dealers, which combined both informative and sales functions. Its best features are beautiful 360° photo player for the presentation of car details, the virtual guide to car models and iBeacon integration, giving additional information about cars in direct proximity.

Additionally, we have developed a feature of leasing and loan calculator for customers and marketing tools for dealers – push notifications and customer data gathering for better targeting of special offers. After the purchase, the application remains useful for the user, working as the universal reminder about technical, maintenance and financial aspects of vehicle operation.

Design and features

  • Unique design related to the brand heritage
  • Fluid showcase of car models with 360° photo player
  • iBeacon integration for additional info about cars exhibited in salon
  • Credit/leasing calculator
  • Reminder system about financial and maintenantce operations
  • Push notification system for marketing purposes
  • Data gathering about user activities