Project info


Demuth Capital is a venture capital provider, angel investor, and start-up accelerator, investing for more than twenty-five years in numerous projects in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the United States.


Creating a website for a business client is always a challenge due to the necessity of a good understanding of his business.

Creating a website for a business client who is your owner is a completely different class of challenge.

We were obliged to find such graphics solutions that perfectly reflect the tastes of our owner.


Matsuu has created a website ideally attuned to the brand’s message.

Fully responsive design of the project allows reading the contents just as conveniently on a smartphone as on a computer.

Animated elements attract attention and underline the importance of the key message.

Design and features

  • Responsive web design
  • Animated, fluid UX
  • Dynamically refreshed key numbers
  • Advanced SEO Optimization for best rankings in search results