Women in IT – Grażyna Musiatowicz-Podbiał

With this conversation, we open a series of posts – women in IT. We start with an outstanding IT manager with many years of experience in building and managing technological organizations in financial institutions (GE Money Bank, Meritum Bank, Alior Bank, Nest Bank) – dr Grażyna Musiatowicz-Podbiał.

How to find a job without experience in the IT market?

A company employing a programmer without experience takes a risk of employing a person who is not able to program or program not very well. It is therefore understandable that companies are reserved to hire people without experience. Therefore, what you should do to get an interview at all is to prove that you can […]

Car showcase app

Client For modern car dealers, simple websites have ceased to be sufficient. Faced with intense competition and better than ever informed consumer, car salesmen need all available help to attract the customer. British Automotive Centrum was one of such authorized dealers, known for the offer of Jaguar and Land Rover cars in best possible prices. […]

Food shopping app

Client Julian Bakery is a well-known manufacturer of luxury paleo, keto, primal, pegan and low carb food. Hundreds of products of many types and diets have found thousands of loyal customers, who recognize the value of this special food as the major benefactor for their health and fitness. Challenge The growing importance of mobile commerce become […]

Loyalty card app

Client Almost every gas station chain has a rewards program nowadays, with different methods of winning customer loyalty by offering something extra for bought fuel and services. These rewards can be vastly different: some chains will offer a discount for fuel, other offer points redeemable for gifts. The scale, value and time periods of such […]

Office renting app

Client Cubico is a Creative Shared Workspace, located in the heart of Soho, New York City. It offers private offices, conference rooms, hot desks, designated desks – ready for work and a variety of events. Around this special place, the whole community of entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, artisans, and inventors has grown, enjoying 24h access and […]

Mall companion app

Client Shopping is more than mere buying stuff – its a whole lifestyle, which become possible only with the large malls, full of shops, service points, restaurants, and other POIs. But the shoppers increasingly make more and more purchases online, treating malls just as a social place for checking the products. Now it is imperative […]

Food ordering app

Client GiGi Pizza is a well known local pizza chain, with a focus on fast home delivery, friendly service and high quality of ingredients. The constantly growing number of customers forced the company to introduce of an IT system, which will both facilitate orders and speed up service. Challenge People order pizza in many different […]

Parcel delivery app

Client Skanska is a well-known Swedish construction company with more than 50,000 employers worldwide. Such a large organisation needs internal courier services to cope with parcel shipments between offices and branches. The most important thing is to ensure that these operations do not distract employees from their work. Challenge Skanska used a simple system of […]

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