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Industrial control & monitoring

Creating dedicated, custom-built software for various industries to help businesses achieve better quality, deeper visibility, and greater safety with lower effort and smaller costs during the entire production lifecycle. With new software developed just for your company, you will have more control over your production and that could be your edge.

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Factory automation

Automating production lines and factory machines with tailored software can bring your business many profits. There are everyday tasks that need to be done and consume your worker’s valuable time. With new software dedicated to automation, your employees could take over the ones that require more human touch and precision.

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Improving production speed

Speeding up production with increased quality is an instant benefit that can help your business grow and expand with less effort needed. Our custom-made software can bring quality and time management that could not have been achievable before.

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Optimizing costs

With more automated processes and software made specially to meet your individual needs, your company could save a lot of time and financial assets. That way you can worry less about your technical difficulties and focus more on your core business.


The cost of building a custom application depends on its complexity, target platforms, and technologies used.

On average, the time to develop a medium-complexity solution varies between 600 and 3000 hours.

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    MyKross bikes application development

    Why SolveQ?

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    We’re a software development company with over 5 years of success stories.

    Our clients are global brands from Europe and beyond.

    We’ve been developing native apps from scratch since 2018, together with our own team of experienced developers. Our tech: React, Node.js, PHP, TypeScript, C, C++ & more.

    SolveQ is based in Gdynia, Poland, part of the EU, and will have ISO 27001 certification soon.

    Our clients’ apps

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    Client testimonials

    “The team works efficiently and delivers as expected, often beyond our expectations. They are always forthcoming to accommodate any new requests and ready to assist if any issue occurs.”


    Mitt Spor Product Owner, Telenor (Norway)

    “SolveQ delivered a successful app that users love. It’s easy to operate and understand. Client leads have also increased since its launch. SolveQ is a trustworthy vendor that contributes as a true partner.“


    CEO, WTS Positioning Solutions

    “It was a true pleasure working alongside you this past year. We are very proud of all the things that we’ve built together – we know that your contribution has a true impact on the company and will last for the years to come.”


    Managing Directro and CTO, Forto

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