JOHAN Live Tracking App


JOHAN Sports is a sports tech company located in the Netherlands. JOHAN sports delivers an accurate GPS Tracking Systems for sports teams, thus improving the physical performance of players and preventing injuries.


  • New GPS personal trackers
  • Monitoring of new real-time data
  • Integration of new trackers with the existing monitoring system


  • SolveQ team responsibility:
    • the architecture of the application
    • implementation
    • integration of new devices with the new firmware
  • React Native Framework as a base for application


  • The valuable base for training adjustment preventing contusions and overload
  • The wider market for JOHAN Sports - functionality applicable in various sports like football, field hockey, and rugby.
  • Responsive application working on smartphones and tablets, both on Android and IOS
  • The user-friendly interface providing detailed information on sportsman performance like a heartbeat, sportsman accelerations during training, kilometers ran