Zero Waste at work

Due to the changing climate and pollution of our planet, the issue of environmental protection and a conscious and sustainable lifestyle becomes more and more important to us. The idea of ​​Zero Waste is gaining increasing popularity.

Zero Waste meaning “life without rubbish” is a lifestyle that involves minimizing amount of waste and thus not polluting the environment.

This idea is based on 5 principles called “5R”:

• “refuse” – refusing to buy unneeded items,
• “reduce” – limiting the goods needed,
• “reuse” – selection of reusable products, re-use,
• “recycle” – segregation and processing,
• “rot” – composting.

Some employers are also starting to promote a waste-free lifestyle. It serves the environment and brings financial savings to companies, improves their public image and increases employee involvement. Benefits of Zero Waste are therefore significant.

Zero Waste at work
Zero Waste at work

We spend the majority of our lives at work. That’s why it’s worth following Zero Waste not only at home, but also at the office.

What can you do for the environment in the workplace? Here are some practical tips 🙂

  • do not buy take-away in plastic, bring you own plate
  • if you buy coffee in a company canteen, come with your own mug
  • pour water from dispatcher into your glass, not a plastic cup
  • limit printing, print double-sided
  • send e-invoices instead of traditional paper ones
  • segregate waste
  • compost organic residue in the office
  • choose plant-based meals in the company’s canteen as often as possible
  • choose a bicycle or public transport instead of a car
  • if you drive to work by car, take your neighbor
  • save energy – turn off the light, turn off the air conditioning if possible
  • for business trips take a train, do not fly by plane, if possible
  • do not change your phone as soon as a new model appears, use it as long as it works
  • do not shorten the life of electronics, use the equipment as long as it works
  • organize the initiative of exchanging things (eg books) at your workplace – give things new life instead of buying
  • do not take business cards – save the number on your phone
  • pay attention to the paper that is used for print outs, buy this one from recycling or FSC-certified (Certificate of Good Forest Management and Control of Product Origin).
  • do shopping locally
  • organize Zero waste workshops
Zero Waste at work
Zero Waste at work

Are you following the idea of Zero Waste? We at SolveQ are trying to implement it in a daily life. Although it is not always easy and there is still much to do, the future of our planet is important to us. We are eager to find out how you implement the Zero Waste idea in the workplace. Share your ideas with us in the comment.

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